Make a Floating Twig Sign


In a previous post, I mentioned showing a more in depth look at making a floating twig sign.

I started with inspiration. The post that heavily inspired me, was Jesi Haack's Mid-century pool initials. However, here a few more examples of fun floating signs:

1. Jesi Haack Design, 2. Pprwrk Studio, 3. Intimate Weddings, 4. Paper N Stitch Blog

Once you decide on your materials, you'll have to make the structure of the letters. I used twigs, since the wedding was a rustic, wooded theme. We happened to have some cedar and various other tree twigs in my family's wood pile, so I made off with the raw material and got to work.

After picking through my options, I chose the twigs that would work best for the shapes I needed. I tried to use as few twigs as possible for each letter, to make the lashing easier on myself. I used a hand saw as necessary, in order to cut the twigs into smaller pieces.

I had never lashed before, but luckily, the groom was a boyscout and carpenter, and was able to teach me the basics. There are a few run downs on the internet; this article on how to lash garden trellises is a good guide to start you off. It mostly comes down to choosing a base twig, tying your anchor loop knot securely around it, and then creating a series of criss-crosses around the joints until they are stable.

After the sign was secure with twine, I spray painted it white so it would stand out in the dark colored water, and let it sit for a few hours before placing it in the pond.


When the sign was ready to be placed, we put a row of twine through the top, middle, and bottom of the letters to hold them in line with each other and space them apart. Then, we tied a string to either side, did a 1, 2, 3, and cast the letters out into the water. Tying the strings to the dock as an anchor, we were able to quickly fish it out upon tear down.

Hope you enjoy!