Our new home in Brooklyn

I'm in New York City! We've officially moved and are living here. We found a place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, close to our good friend and down the street from McCarren Park. I'm super excited to finally be here and am loving each day's adventure. I'm having a blast getting to know my new surroundings.

However, one part about moving that is always hard is the transitional period in your new place. It takes a while to get everything unpacked, and whether you decide to decorate all at once or over time, organizing can take a while. For us, we gave away all our furniture and showed up with a full car, 15 boxes we'd shipped, and an air mattress. Our place has some really nice bones, and I feel like this is a project I can confidently attack. I know my design preferences, and with some vague ideas of color and style in mind (I love modern, light filled spaces with quirky objects and unexpected areas of fanciness and my boyfriend loves vintage coated metals and anything with airplanes and WWII). With this in mind, we are going to go with whatever we can find that we love and that works. We're hoping to get a few of the major activity areas together soon so we feel more up and running.

Our priorities:

  • A large kitchen table that fits 8+ friends/family and also has reading nook/work space potential
  • A sitting/entertainment area that also houses the turntable sound system
  • Adding bedroom organization with a dresser that has shelves or cubbies for our clothes, and by adding bedside tables 

A few challenges:

  • Lack of natural light in the dining area off of the kitchen; it is very cave like
  • The narrow and long nature of the sitting area space, and exposed pipes along the wall that will get hot in the winter
  • Being able to section off the end of our massive living room to function as a relaxing but light filled bedroom

I'll continue posting as I find pieces for each of the spaces, but here are some photos of the space empty. Thanks for tuning in!